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Taught engineering physics, engineering materials, electromagnetism and masters level courses in quantum mechanics, classical mechanics, electromagnetism, statistical physics,. Stress concept learning by mutual interaction and problem solving. Insist on self study and reading of more than one book by the student. JEE Advanced is held to take admission in the top institutes which are the 23 IITs across India.

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We have integrated courses, so students have to attend college only once a week for practicals. “I made a list of all the chapters and took out the important topics. The lockdown has given him an advantage as he got an opportunity to revise the https://iend.in/ syllabus one more time. After pursuing BTech in computer science, I dream of owning a startup. ” – It is important to understand the value of taking a break. Timely breaks not just refresh your mind but also benefit your concentration power.

How to Prepare for IIT JEE

They stay with him, study with him, eat with him – all free of cost. In the very first year of its inception, 18 of his students had cleared the exam. „I used to study for three to four hours extra during school and eight to 10 hours a day after finishing school,“ said Bhagee, who loves to play the guitar. „The feeling is yet to sink in. I am extremely happy with my result. It is due to the support of my parents and teachers that I got such good result,“ he said. He has 40+ years’ experience in the field of administration. She is a renowned biology faculty and has coached thousands of students. She is a renowned Chemistry faculty and has coached thousands of students.

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“I used to be regular and consistent with my studies and competed with myself. I practice as many questions as I could each day in all subjects and completed my homework daily”, she further added. IIT ranker Kanishka claims that the lockdown helped her prepare better. In class 12 boards exams she got 98.4 % marks and 99 % in class 10. “I have been preparing for the Indian Institute of technology entrance examination for four years. And I can surely say that the IIT entrance exam is one of the toughest entrance exams.

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Parents are informed about the result of tests and absenteeism of their ward via SMS. AMSTER ACADEMY is setup with a vision to provide complete guidance to the students preparing for AIIMS/NEET/IIT JEE (Main & Advanced) & KCET exams. Have enrolled Into some other coaching institute without making sufficient progress. Jee has been training the global oil and gas industry with its subsea portfolio for 19 years and the Jee curriculum has become the benchmark for excellence in the industry. The company has built up a portfolio of 24 subsea engineering courses offered worldwide to assist in the standardisation of engineering knowledge across the global industry. Jee has trained over 6000 professional engineers to-date and delivered courses in 33 countries. Micro and macro level analysis of marks and ranks obtained by the students after each test.